Mind-Blowing Facts about Casinos You Probably Don’t Know

We are sure you enjoyed the last time you went to a casino. You probably thought of yourself as James Bond wandering around the casino looking for his contact. There are those of you who have enjoyed the online experience. But have you ever asked yourself how much you truly know about casinos? Why don’t you continue reading and find out? Some of them are quite mind-blowing.

It’s Origin

When you think of casinos, your mind wanders to the Monte Carlo in Monaco or the gambling strip in Las Vegas. But do you know that neither country can claim to be where casinos originated? That honor is given to Italy. From our research, the gambling scene can be dated back to Venice in the 17th century. Now you know whom we have to give our gratitude to every time you place a bet on a blackjack game.

The British boom

There was a time when all things good and revolutionary were based in the United Kingdom and to be more specific, London. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that gambling and casinos found their way there. London took over as the United Kingdom’s and Europe’s gambling hub from the city of Bath.

Online slot machine record winning

With the penetration of the internet and advancement of technology, online casinos have become all the rave. They offer gambling lovers and newbies the opportunity to enjoy doing what they love from the comfort of their homes or virtually anywhere. What it also offers is the chance to make significant winnings.

One such event happened in 2019 when a Finland player playing an online slot machine took home some 16 million euros. The records however stand at 17 million euros won in 2013.

A haven for sportswomen and others

You will be surprised by the number of sportswomen, public figures, and professionals who try their hand at poker. One such player is former Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs’ talisman Teddy Sheringham. Another notable figure who has competed internationally is Victoria Coren Mitchell. She has won the renowned European Poker Tour trophy. Not once but twice.

The longest poker game

Talking about poker, we are sure you know that the card game requires a fair bit of luck and also patience. And if you have watched tournaments, you will agree that stamina is also an attribute required. But what would you think of a game lasting for eight years?

This is the record set for the longest poker game in history. To be specific, the record stands at eight years, five months, and three days and was hosted in a basement venue in Arizona.


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