What Makes a Website User-Friendly?

As the name suggests user-friendliness refers to the ease in which a user makes use of your website. The user easily accesses and navigates through your content. It is a smooth operation that enhances their experience and hopefully will make them return on a different day.

In this article, we seek to debug the issue of a user-friendly website. Together, we will unpack the various characteristics to be considered by any website developer, whether beginner or seasoned.

Importance of a user-friendly website

In the current disposition, an increasing number of people are relying on the information on the internet. Service providers have taken note of this and have turned to produce engaging content on their websites. Competition for the attention of a target audience has never been higher.

That said, a website user will always consider one which they can easily and conveniently meet their needs. A website that is too difficult to use or whose content is too complicated to navigate will lose customers and therefore business.

When designing your website, concentrate on the following:

Navigation and structure

Strive to have a logically organized website. Any user who visits your page should be able to easily identify and move to the intended webpage. It should be easy for them to move around. Leave nothing to guesswork.

Also, any page that is set up on your website should lead a visitor to related content. There should be no dead ends.

The design

With regards to the design, the two key attributes to look out for are the compatibility and responsiveness of the website design. You should appreciate the fact that users will use devices of different screen sizes and other features. Another element to consider is the use of internet browsers. People can use any of the available browsers to look you up.

Your website should be able to resize itself to fit desktop computers, tablets, phones, and other smart devices. The same applies to your text and images. They should be able to automatically reformat and resize themselves.

Consistent and scannable content

Remember, the visitor has a plethora of options available. Therefore, once they visit your webpage, they should be able to skim through your site and find what they are looking for in an instant.

It is recommended that you use a consistent style guide. Your website should make use of headings, paragraphs, and bullets where applicable. Break down your content into different sections which bear a similar intent.

Calls to Action

The purpose of posting content online is to move your visitor in a particular direction. This is referred to in most circles as a Call to Action (CTA). At an appropriate time (and possibly after a compelling argument), a CTA pops up guiding the visitor to either purchase goods/services or donate funds for a charitable cause.


A user-friendly website is important. It is an essential tool in a competitive market that can help market your products and services and drive your audience to a particular action.

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