What to Expect In Your First Junior Web Developer Job?

It’s the middle of the semester and you are thinking of interning at a reputable web development company. Or maybe you have just finished a coding boot camp and you feel your fingers tingling with all the full stacks of programming languages. So, what should you expect as a professional web developer? Most probably, you will be assigned the role of a junior web developer. In this article, we want to brief you on what is expected of you as well as break any misconceptions that you may have.


To ensure the privacy of data and control access, most companies make use of their own applications and software. As expected of web developers and coders, these applications can be quite complex. The first step will be to install the applications as well as other databases and services that you may need. This also goes for other devices such as your phone or tablet.

Expect this to last a few days. As an ‘initiation ritual’, junior web developers are expected to tackle any issues during the onboarding process. But of course, if it takes longer than expected, your seniors should be ready to help you out.

Standup meetings

In web development, it is typical to find several teams working on the same project. Constant communication is required for successful implementation and execution. As a result, standup meetings should be expected on an almost daily basis. In such a meeting, members stand in a circle and give a 30 second to one-minute debrief and update.

In-depth discussion of specific issues will be handled when the team breaks into smaller groups. In the standup meetings, you will explain what you worked on yesterday, your task today and any hindrances to establish your said goal.

Your first assignment

You should not have such high hopes when it comes to your first assignment. After all, you know the sensitive nature of coding and programming languages. Your first assignment will probably involve a few lines of code that will be simple to solve.

A senior developer will go over your work, trying to measure your mettle by asking questions here and there. You should have a notebook nearby to capture the comments on your code as well as possible areas of improvement and potential problems.

Overtime (and as you improve), your team should up the ante and give you more complex assignments.

Pairing up

To hasten your learning curve in the team, you will be paired with a senior developer. He or she will be responsible for all the lines of code you create and the bugs you fix. The senior developer usually sits and codes on their computer as you watch. Your job will be to point out possible issues or the role of particular lines of code.


At your first junior web developer job, concentrate on not being overwhelmed. Breathe in the new environment and most importantly enjoy the art of programming.

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