Why does Instagram delete some accounts?

Like any other community, Instagram has rules and regulations, expected to be followed by everyone using the app. People who fail to follow the set rules and regulations often have their accounts deleted or deactivated.

Algorithms set by Instagram can detect the user’s activities, including how many followers they gained and how people react to different posts by the same account. However, if you have an active account and gain organic Instagram followers, your account is on the safe side.

Often, Instagram keeps its followers on track by monitoring their active times on the platform. Over a certain given period, Instagram users disappeared in purge when they were inactive. What other factors lead to Instagram deleting accounts?

Violating community guidelines

Instagram is a social media platform where people can post pictures and other content. There are guidelines to follow to use the app correctly, and if you don’t follow them, your account could get deleted. For example, if you post offensive material or spam on Instagram, your account will be deleted.

It’s important to know that if you violate community guidelines like these, you can lose access to your account. If this happens, it’s not necessarily permanent – but it does mean you need to correct the violation before trying to log back on again.

If Instagram finds out about any of the following violations from a user’s profile and deems that account unsafe for its viewers, then there is a possibility for the account to be deleted:

– Posting pornographic material

– Using explicit language or words which may offend others

– Sharing content that violates copyright law

– Sharing violent imagery that glorifies violence

– Bullying or threatening someone with violence through direct messages or comments

Spam accounts

Instagram deletes spam accounts that violate the rules and regulations set. The Instagram rules and regulations state that an account is not to be used for spamming or phishing. When this is the case, your account will be deleted with no warning.

Changing username often

The other factor is when you change your username too many times in a short period. Users are unable to connect with you under different names, and they may even forget which name they originally followed. This increases the chance that your account will be deleted because you’re not using it enough – this just isn’t how Instagram wants its platform used.

Too much activity

Another reason people have their accounts deleted by Instagram is when they are in the habit of posting too much.

This can happen to those who have an addiction and need to use the app excessively to maintain their social life, or to those who are active influencers on the site. If you are wearing out your welcome on Instagram by posting too many posts to your feed and not following other users back, this could lead to your account being deleted.

Another reason for having your account deleted is for posting too much about events like giveaways and promotions. If you have an active account that posts about these things, it’s unlikely that your account will be deleted over them. However, if you post the same thing on every post or in excess, then there’s a chance that your pictures or posts will be flagged as spam and removed from the platform.

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