How to Get Discovered on Instagram

From just a platform allowing people to share pictures to a business platform, Instagram has grown exceptionally over the last few years. It has given many people opportunities making them famous entrepreneurs, celebrities, and social stars who started from scratch. This is mind-blowing that Instagram beats all other social media platforms for engagement rates for brands. Therefore, if you want to get discovered on Instagram, check this guide.

Selection of aesthetics

Tourist woman enjoying in seesighting, photographing

Choosing an appealing aesthetic is essential for posting on Instagram because it’s all about pictures and videos. Hence, images are the core. If you’re planning to go for a fashion brand, make sure the clothes you use are clean and wrinkle-free. Moreover, use bright, attractive photos if you want to promote your live session. Admit that you follow people on Instagram because of their photography skills and eye-catching pictures. Furthermore, be consistent when you choose filters. Don’t switch them too often.

Identify your niche

Identify your audience. If you are a makeup artist, you’ll have content related to makeup products and their uses, and if you’re a promoter of health, you should be going for fitness tips and diet plans. Lastly, kindly keep your private life to yourself by keeping your professional page professional.

Use delightful captions

If your picture looks confusing and there’s no description of what the image is trying to say, your audience can get very frustrated. Hence, don’t leave your audience in self assumptions and curiosity. Let them know that’s happening. Keep your captions clear, as captions are a key to showing the personality of your brand. People don’t like extended captions. Therefore, keep your captions brief and simple yet eye-catching.


Work smart by smartly using your hashtags, as they are the best way to get more likes, views, and comments on your posts. But do keep them relevant to the post and don’t select the most used ones. Make your unique hashtags if you want attention. By this, you can even start your own trend.

Best timings to post

Check this guide and identity the best time to post on Instagram. You can go through your Instagram insights to see when your followers are online or post multiple times and analyze which time is the best. However, give your posts a break. Posting a lot will not bring you much attention.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the best way for the audience to get to know you. You can promote or even start a campaign by using stories on Instagram. It’s fun and time-saving. By sharing a link in your story, many people can be guided to what you want. The perfect way to use this is by going live on Instagram. You will make sales, get likes, and will become noticed. Make the live sessions fun and short.

To sum it all up, the tips mentioned above are enough for you to get noticed on Instagram. You need to be consistent and follow the directions. You will see a difference in the number of your following, likes, and comments within a month. Just be consistent in posting. Make a proper schedule, and don’t forget to skip any of the tips. By this, you will surely reach your goal.

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