Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money

Do you earn your living from creating online content? Most people put so much effort but at times it does not pay off as expected. This could be due to poor strategies among other factors. To know more about how to make money with your blog head over to

When it comes to blogs, you can earn via affiliate links inserted into your content, looking for sponsorships, and promoting paid content. Search engines such as google allow ads to be displayed on your content and in return you earn some money from this. However, all this might not pay you off if you are not working smart. Here are some issues that could hinder good earnings.

Poor target audience

Who is most likely to read your content? What gender, age group and where is your audience located? Failure to have a clear knowledge of your audience’s needs could lead to great failure in your blogs.

Using statistics you get from your audience, you can gather enough information and shift your content focus to suit their content needs. On the other hand, knowing your audience allows you to write niche-specific content.


As a content creator, it is wise that you take note of consistency is key. If you are the type that posts after a very long time, then your audience will not be consistent with reading your content as well.

You will find that some affiliate links are not getting a single click and your sponsorships will also walk out if you put in fewer efforts. To avoid being inconsistent, have a plan on what you’d like to post and after a specific time frame.


Imagine if your favorite blogger has someone who copies cuts their content the same way. As much as plagiarism control works to prevent copying someone’s content the same way, ideas could be related.

It is okay to pick an idea from another vlog because as they say, humans do not invent ideas, instead, ideas are there to be invented by humans. If you are to go for an already existing idea, ensure you do better and attract more traffic.

Lack of niche

Anytime someone could go wrong in content creation is going outside their niche. If you create content related to finances, do not one day wake up and decide you want to write about celebrity gossip. Some subscribers want specific content and you not offering what they subscribed for could be a way of sending them away.

This mainly applies to content that is paid for. No one would like to pay for content and not get what they paid for.

Lack of monetization

If you write content for fun only then you need to know there is a very small chance of having someone monetize your content. It is wise you research means of monetizing content from your blogs.

It is also possible to be spotted by a sponsor but only if you put the much effort you are required to.

In conclusion, online content creation is a real hustle that makes dreams come true. However, you need to know the right strategies to use.

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